“We started our business in Moldova in 2007 and since then have continuously expanded operations. Moldova proved to have great potential for the development of our project within the Free Economic Zone in “Balti”, with excellent support by local and central authorities.”

Guido Meinelt,

Plant Manager at DRA Draexlmaier Automotive SRL

The international growth of G&G requires a good choice of regions for our plants. We look for availability of motivated staff, safety and good cooperation with authorities. All of these factors made Moldova to a strong match. We are very satisfied with the conditions in Balti and are happy to increase our foot print soon.’’

Nikolaus Griller,

Managing Director, Sales and Innovation Management

““We decide to open a new production plant in Moldova for a good strategic position and a reasonable labour cost. Local and central Government authorities offer entire support in investment and business activity.

Gregorio Isgrò,


“We picked Moldova as an investment destination due to the benefits the Government offers to the foreign investors, the costs of production and the strategic market for us. Main purpose for the dairy farm is to provide high quality milk during every month of the year. Favourable climate and geographical conditions are factors that help us achieve our goals.”

Jim Boet,

Founder of Millstream Dairy