The Northern Region holds 32.6% of the total number of educational institutions of the country.

Regarding secondary vocational education and specialized secondary education in NDR there are 16 vocational schools and 13 colleges:

1) The Light Industry College of Balti e_mail : ciu_bl@mail.ruThe Polytechnic College of Balti

2) The Railway Technical College of Balti

3) The ” Mihai Eminescu College of Soroca “e_mail:

4) The Music and Pedagogy College of Balti e_mail:

5) The “Nicolae Botgros” Arts College, t. Soroca e_mail:

6) The Medical College of Balti :

7) The “Gheorghe Raducan” Agri-industrial College from Grinauti village, Ocnita rayon”

8) The Veterinary Medicine and Agrarian Economy College of Bratuseni e_mail:

9) The Agroindustrial College of Riscani e_mail:

10) The Agricultural Technical College of Soroca e_mail:

Higher education is represented by the Balti “Alecu Russo” State University (USARB), a higher education institution, a science, training and culture center in the North of the Republic of Moldova, which in over 60 years of activity has gained through its achievements a strong reputation both nationally and internationally, training qualified specialists who work in various fields of national education, science and economy.